Client Experiences

Dale Scorer

Greenwich, United Kingdom

“My sessions with Carissa were absolutely unbelievable!! Each session brought me calm, reason, understanding, so much peace, a new found energy and most importantly empowerment beyond my imagination. Carissa is incredible at allowing you to achieve what is most needed in each session, she is passionate and has a genuine care. Every session exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for the empowerment we all deserve.

“What an experience! I am so grateful for Carissa who guided me in the Life Activation session. The feeling of relief and clarity was astonishing as tears ran down my face. She really opened my heart to things that I never saw, and things I never wanted to see, but all of that made my mind stronger and more open to everything I face daily. Thank you Carissa, your energy is incredible and I wish everyone could experience this!”

Marizanne Griesel

Randburg, Johannesburg

Anette Smith


“The Life Purpose Reading gave me so much detail, insight and clarity into my own life and future. Your love and softness encouraged me to show it more to myself. Thank you, Carissa.

“Max Meditation has opened a door for me to connect with my Higher Self on a complete new level. Each session I’ve done so far has taken me on an exciting journey within, which enabled me to get to know myself better and reach more of my potential. I highly recommend these sessions as often as you can.

Francois Matthysen

Bryanston, Johannesburg

Paige Albyn

Bryanston, Johannesburg

“Carissa made me feel so comfortable, especially as I was going through very raw aspects of my own psyche. I was searching for answers and for healing. After the Life Activation I feel empowered, filled with force and purpose, and stronger in my ability to trust that I have all the tools to connect on a far more powerful and spiritual level. I trust in my path, and feel that there is a strong universal energy conspiring with me because I took the time to listen to myself. The universe always calls, you just need to answer.

Carissa found me in my darkest and most vulnerable days. Her love, care and guidance encouraged me to begin my journey of spiritual awakening and healing. The Life Activation was truly inspirational and uplifting. It made me feel balanced, calm, positive and gave me insight into my life and of who I want to be. It left me feeling lighter, eager and motivated to experiencing life to the fullest and also inspired me to continue to pursue a journey of traveling light. The cord cutting helped me to let go of negative emotions and attachments of my past that were holding me back. It also allowed me to move forward feeling balanced, empowered and having a greater understanding of people and situations of my past. Carissa continues to be by my side guiding, healing and inspiring me to reach my full potential. She has changed my life for the better and I will always be grateful to her for this.

Celeste Stevens

Aukland Park, Johannesburg

Camilla Trollope

Morningside, Johannesburg 

“The Life Activation guided my heart and mind to an assortment of concealed thoughts and emotions. The experience opened my mind to positive thoughts and a different perspective of life. I left feeling relieved and empowered, ready to radiate my new-found energy on the World around me.
Carissa’s essence and peaceful nature reassured me throughout the process. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to connect with their mind and body, past, current and future.”

“The Emotional Cord Cutting left me feeling relaxed, focussed and at peace. Carissa’s energy embraced all the hurt and self-doubt, while I felt the negativity loosing it’s grip on my being. All the other sessions with Carissa rejuvenated my energy levels. My relaxed state of mind was immediately noticed by my colleagues at work and suddenly I was getting things done that I procrastinated for ages. Carissa makes one feel at ease and takes one to levels never experienced before. Travel light is a way of going through life the way it is supposed to be. Thank you Carissa.”

NP van Wyk

Nicci Buys

Bryanston, Johannesburg

“Carissa, I am so grateful of you, and so much in awe of the radiant, warm beautiful human being you are and of your ability to help people. The ancient crystal reading gave me so much insight into my own life. It helped me to understand myself better, trust myself more and improved my relationships with the people close to me. After my sessions with you, I’ve been able to start a process of change, especially to old patterns, which is truly a blessing to me. I felt so empowered, motivated and energetic afterwards. Also, I have not had a problem waking up in the mornings, which has been a life long struggle. I feel less dense and lighter on an energetic level. It feels like less baggage are being carrying around in my body. I cannot thank you enough for the incredible healings you did for me.

“I have had the privilege of working with Carissa for two years and found her to be an amazingly warm and caring person. Carissa did a Life Activation for me, which opened me up to new experiences and gave me more confidence to deal with what life has chosen to throw at me at this stage of my life. I wish Carissa everything of the best going forward and I know she’ll change all her client’s lives for the better.”

Megan Mackenzie

Sandton, Johannesburg

Lesley Solomon


“During my trip home to SA last year I was fortunate to be introduced to a lovely lady called Carissa Geyser, and her talent and ability to heal. I was pleasantly surprised and gratified to receive so many blessings and healing through my Life Activation and Emotional Cord Cutting. My sessions provoked a sense of release and thoughtfulness, and also brought me clarity and strength within. Since the sessions with her (now some months later), I can attest to having a sense of appreciation of letting go of burdens I carried around me for a long time – working with her is life changing.”

“My first session with Carissa was a Crystal reading. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and to my surprise most of my questions were answered by her before I could even ask them.

Before the reading I was lost and after the reading I had so much clarity and perspective of what was going on in my life. The session was soo great, I even got a promotion out of it. Things are finally falling into place, new positive doors have opened and I feel more confident about myself and what the future holds for me.”

Lerato Mphayi

Sandton, Johannesburg

Kirsty Weston


“Beautiful. Totally calming. It brought calmness and light to my mind and body. It was the deepest I have gone in a meditative state. The experience was just wonderful! Thank you, Carissa.

Deeply relaxing and stress free. I also felt very positive. The meditation brought me a sense of peace and serenity, as well as greater awareness.

Nishalen Naraidoo


Jenna Woker

Bryanston, Johannesburg

“The experience was sensational. It took me to a beautiful, relaxed place where I felt safe and comfortable in my own skin. After the meditation, I opened my eyes and I didn’t want it to end. All the negativity has flushed out of me and I’m ready to tackle the day ahead.

“I feel very relaxed, energised and ready to take on anything.

Thembelihle Shadung


Nicci Buys

Bryanston, Johannesburg

“Carissa, I am so grateful of you, and so much in awe of the radiant, warm beautiful human being you are and of your ability to help people. The ancient crystal reading gave me so much insight into my own life. It helped me to understand myself better, trust myself more and improved my relationships with the people close to me. After my sessions with you, I’ve been able to start a process of change, especially to old patterns, which is truly a blessing to me. I felt so empowered, motivated and energetic afterwards. Also, I have not had a problem waking up in the mornings, which has been a life long struggle. I feel less dense and lighter on an energetic level. It feels like less baggage are being carrying around in my body. I cannot thank you enough for the incredible healings you did for me.

“Carissa is a person whom I have had the privilege to call a friend for more than 10 years. We met at university during our wilder days and I have been fortunate enough to bear witness to the transformation Carissa undertook to grow into the person she is today. I believe the biggest contributor to Carissa’s development and transformation can be attributed to the tools that she uses and her deep yearning to learn, develop and enrich her soul. Carissa has been a massive influence in my life, not only as a friend, but also as a teacher and healer.

Petri van Zyl

Kitiwe, Zambia

Davidson Paul Sibeko

Sandton, Johannesburg

“The Life Activation was truly a wonderful experience. It felt like I was touched by an angel and I could feel the connection between myself and heaven. I have never felt like that before. Carissa knows what she is doing. Since the session with her, I am a changed man. I have a stronger connection with my angels and I will always be deeply thankful for her for changing my life.

“Carissa is super passionate and her positive energy is infectious. The ancient crystal chant healing was extremely mesmerising and made me connect with another part of my being, which I never even knew existed. The crystal reading was something I’ve never experienced before. Carissa responded calm and very intuitive to my questions, and her guidance and answers were spot on. She affirmed what I already knew in my heart, her answers were clear and it was given in such a way that I could understand exactly what is meant. Since my sessions with her, I have truly experienced a higher connection to Source and my process of awakening. Carissa is a beautiful, grounded, patient soul with so much knowledge to share with the world.

Leanne Jooste-Coetzee

Roodepoort, Johannesburg

Gert van Tonder

Durbanville, Western Cape

“The love and care Carissa holds for her work is beyond question- it is truly felt.

“The Life Activation was very powerful and I was deeply moved by the entire process. It left me feeling light, excited about life and it gave me an unfamiliar, but welcoming sense of clarity. I was quite overwhelmed with a variety of emotions before the session, but Carissa’s energy immediately made those emotions settle down, which made me feel so calm and at ease. She helped me to centre myself and understand the importance of surrounding myself with positivity. Her presence made me feel “at home” and very comfortable (as soon as you meet her you will understand what I mean). It was truly one of the most calming and relaxing experiences of my life and I would recommend this session to all my friends and family.

Cherisse van den Berg

Stellenbosch, Western Cape

Kirst Ritchie

Fourways, Johannesburg

“My life activation session was incredibly powerful and emotional, a good and positive emotional. I felt a sense of calmness and warmth being in Carissa’s presence as she completed my activation. Carissa, I cannot thank you enough for helping me unlock my light and for guiding me on my journey in life. Your energy is truly magnificent, you are a Goddess that shines bright and provides comfort and warmth in everything that you do. Thank you for sharing your light with me. Since my session, I have felt a positive change in my thoughts and mostly the way in which I see myself. One of the biggest things I took away with me, is that I am enough! I thank you for guiding and helping me bring more light into this world. Namaste.

“I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my 85 year old mother.

During 2018, she took very ill and she underwent a deep mind journey into dark spaces.

Carissa, you suggested an Emotional Cord cutting and Soul Retrieval.
As my mother was very frail, you visited her at my home and setup the most beautiful space with prayers and incense.

My youngest daughter and I were there to support her, and as we walked into the room, we felt so much love and caring from the energies summoned. The three generations of woman, being my mom, me, her daughter and her granddaughter was just the most powerful and the emotions expanded into a centre of love and light.

During the healing Carissa worked with her and my mother set her intentions to become stronger and healthier and to take back her life. She has let go of many sad memories and negative emotions.

To hear her speak her truth was so emotional and the energies within the room were just so gentle and loving.

Since this experience, my mother is mentally stronger than before, she continues to be physically frail, but she celebrates each new day with determination and vigour and enjoying a quality of life that we did not believe she could.

Thank you, Carissa, for the most caring healing, she is so much better because of the love you showed her.

Roselyn Barrow


Sharon Barrow


“During my lifetime, I have asked myself many questions, and as a deep thinker have searched for answers to my questions. My journey has not been easy but day by day, I worked through the challenges and then I met Carissa! I have detailed the work we did together and would like to share my experiences.
Carissa worked with me on cord cutting, Life Activation and Soul Retrieval therapies.
The process of cord cutting was a precursor to allowing myself to walk into the space of no judgement as I let go of many people and events – I could see the shadows moving away into an eternity where I had no place.

During the Life Activation I was very tense to start with, but slowly I started to relax, although the process was very physically intense for me. As Carissa worked with me, slowly I felt the warmth and I saw the light entering me and filling me with vibrant energy. I was fully present with love and light and accepted the perfection of this healing. I was very tired for the next few days, sleeping a lot and just processing the experience. I felt an inner calmness and peace filled me. I find that I am confident in all that I do, I have a knowingness that fills me with inspiration, and I anticipate every day with arms opened wide.

Later in the year, I decided to continue my personal growth and Carissa worked with me on Soul Retrieval. The space was set up with beautiful incense and the energies were calm.
Carissa caringly called to my fragmented soul, light entered the room and I felt great joy.
I felt this joy expand into my heart and there was a huge love that surged through my body. A deep sense of being complete filled me. This feeling continues to fill me and daily I show myself love and kindness and as I do so, I know who I am and where I must be.

My soul knows my journey
as I connect with the Higher Source to create and grow in love,
I walk along the road of knowledge
and spirituality until I reach my highest potential.

Thank you, Carissa, you are an amazing and deeply spiritual person and I am lucky to have met you.
We will continue to walk together”

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5 days ago

Travel Light

I have the great honor to serve a beautiful Goddess with a Soul Retrieval tonight 🌙♥️✨

There are only 7 days a month available to receive this powerful session. To avoid disappointment for November month please book in advance 🙏🏻 The dates are 9-15 November (full moon the 12th) 🤩🌙😍🥰

More info:

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5 days ago

Travel Light

Ready & set for a Soul Retrieval tonight for a very special Goddess! This is a very powerful and sacred healing modality to restore your feeling of oneness within🌙👑💙✨

More info:

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1 week ago

Travel Light

Today is full moon and it’s the perfect time of the month to receive a Soul Retrieval!

What is a Soul Retrieval?

Our soul gets injured through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma, as well as events, concepts, conditioning and programming that are not revealed in our consciousness.

The Soul Retrieval can help if you can feel or sense that a piece of you is lost, and you are longing for that feeling of oneness within.

Benefits include:
• A sense of ease, flow, purity, and simplicity.
• More presence in your mind, body & emotions.
• A feeling of being more grounded in your everyday life.
• A sense of inner wholeness.

This session is good for:
• Healing during times of transition.
• Healing from severe or mild trauma.
• Recovering after hospitalisation or surgery.
• End of life preparation.

I have 2 days available this month to serve you with this ancient and profound healing modality:
DM me for more info or to book 🙏🏻🌙 💙

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